I'm as straight as all of you

My name is Kate. That's short for Katalina. But no one calls me that, everyone calls me either Kate or Kitty. Doesn't matter which. Anyways, I live in Texas, I've been here 5 years and hate it. I need to move, I like moving. I've lived in England, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and the US. My Birthday is in August. I am a huge Equal/HUMAN rights supporter, it is kind of a passion. Helping people is also a passion of mine. If you have a problem that you need help with, I will be more than happy to help. Check out my advice blog, Ask-Kate (: I've been an out bisexual since I was 16. When I came out to my parents my dad kicked me out. I've made a lot of stupid decisions and mistakes in my life. I have dedicated the better half of my life to helping those in need, and being the voice to those who have none. Happily married to Ryan as of 4th of Oct 2012 with 4 beautiful kids, Zoe and Jason, Avery Grace, and tiny Aiden, who was born at 24 weeks. I believe that's all really, if you have questions feel free to ask! Working on my Masters Program (:

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Nina Dobrev’s MTV interview [x]

Nina Dobrev’s MTV interview [x]

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I feel you Aves. That’s where all my food goes too

I feel you Aves. That’s where all my food goes too

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My “six selfies” that make me feel confident & happy!

I really want your swim suit ~

Forever 21 + !

This is a bribe!

My butt muscles hurt from the wall sit
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"As he left Gini Johnson’s place that night, rebuffed for more than a kiss, Gilpatrick sensed there might be another reason. Although Bill and Gini always acted very dispassionately in public, with never a hint of anything more between them, that night Gilpatrick felt Masters’s looming presence. As he recalled, ‘I was aware that if they were not together, they were probably going to be.’"
(Thomas Maier, Masters of Sex, pg. 115)


the idea that scully would take mulder’s name is so ridiculous because how fuckin obvious is it that mulder’s been doodling hearts and “mr fox scully” in his notepad since the moment they met

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